Cloud Services

Online Backup

Utilize our fully secure, encrypted and managed backup service to automate backups to an off-site cloud storage. This solution is for everything from workstations, laptops, mobile phones, to corporate servers. Contact us for more information and/or installation services, or feel free to purchase your personal Carbonite backup licenses online right now.

Corporate E-mail

Host Exchange E-mail to eliminate on-site management and provide maximum up-time and redundancy.

Full integration with iPhone/Android/BlackBerry and other mobile devices included. Add MS Office products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint for a small monthly fee if you like.  Contact us for more information.

E-mail Virus/Spam/Ransomware Protection

Shield Your Business From Targeted Email Attacks. Our state of the art email filtering system will protect your company from spam, viruses, and ransomware attacks in a quick and easy way.

  • Friendly Name filters to protect against social engineering impersonation attacks on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Protection against social engineering attacks like whaling, CEO fraud, business email compromise or W-2 fraud.

  • Instant action from The Email Laundry Threat Intelligence Network and Security Analyst teams

  • Protects against Newly Registered and Newly Observed Domains to catch the first email from a newly registered domain.

  • Protects against Display name spoofing and attacks targeting phones

  • Protects against “looks like” and “sounds like” versions of domain names.  Contact us for more information.

Company Cloud Drive/Files

Your own, company branded, cloud drive that is more secure than Dropbox or Box, more versatile, better administration, better reporting/auditing, versioning and deletion protection are just some of the key feature. This solution ties seamlessly into any on-premise/cloud servers if needed. This is what you have been waiting for. Corporate level cloud file access from any device anytime anywhere.  Contact us for more information.

Custom Cloud Infrastructure or Hybrid Solutions

We are capable of creating any cloud solution, or integrate with your company's resources into a customized one of a kind setup for your business. We focus on business first, then match the right technology. Contact us for more information.

Quickbooks in the Cloud

Your company has QuickBooks, multiple users that need access to Quickbooks at the same time, and  your company doesn't want to buy a server, but your company still want secure and easy way to a fully functional QuickBooks envrironment. Our QuickBooks cloud solution  is all of that and more.  Affordable financials in a fully customizable cloud setup. This solution is certainly NOT the "QuickBbooks Online" offering.  Contact us for more information.